Here I try and list the countries by order of my preference to visit and re-visit. It’s a democracy here, so you are allowed your opinion on how wrong I’m. Since I’m from India, I wanted to exclude it from the list to avoid the confounding partial factor! But then I tried to picture traveling India from a foreigner’s perspective and rated it on the list as well. And obviously, I can only include the countries I have been to. Also suffixed are the things that impressed me first up and that linger on. In short, THE BEST COUNTRIES TO VISIT!

So DRUMROLL and here we go:

  1. Indonesia: Sun-kissed beaches, Cultural Tableau & Mesmerizing Kecak Ocean Temple

  2. India: Towering Mountains, Traditional Potpourri & Sensory Overload Benaras-31

  3. Jordan: Wadi Rum, Petra & Dead Sea IMG_1765

  4. Spain: Tapas, Prado & Flamenco La-Sagrada-Familia-Barcelona

  5. Japan: Ryokans, Sake & Kyoto 1

  6. Portugal: Fado, Pastel de Nata & Vasco da Gama untitled.png

  7. Mauritius: Misplaced Biharis, Creole Cuisine & Feathery sands Mauritius---Beaches---Tropical-beach-xlarge

  8. Egypt: Pyramids, Nile & Pharaohs Pyramids of Giza on a clear day

  9. Cambodia: Angkor Wat, Amok & Optimism IMG_3655

  10. Greece: Santorini, Meteora & Cheer 1 (4)

  11. Australia: Penguins, Croc Steaks & Cairns 39

  12. Maldives: Turtles, Desolate Islands & off Shore Booze Maafushi

  13. Vietnam: Pho, AK-47 & Patriotism ben-thanh-market-in-ho-chi-minh-city-vietnam.jpg

  14. Sri Lanka: Fish, Whales & Sigiriya sigiriya-e1501312624666.jpg

  15. South Korea: Soju, Hanoks & Jeols


  16. Cyprus: Greco-Turk conflict, Flamingoes & Tekke1 (1) 

  17. Thailand: Lemongrass, Phi Phi & the Wats 1200px-Wat_Arun_03-2012-01

  18. UAE: Safaris, Falconry & Glitzuae-1920x480

  19. Taiwan: Stinky Tofu, Taroko Gorge & Friendly faces: IMG_3900

  20. Singapore: Gardens in the sky, Mini Indo-China & Tamil food 687474703a2f2f7374617469632e617369617765626469726563742e636f6d2f6d2f7068756b65742f706f7274616c732f7777772d73696e6761706f72652d636f6d2f686f6d65706167652f6e696768746c6966652f7061676550726

I know it’s a weird list. I even had trouble ranking them like this. On another day, the list may look entirely different as places tend to change their impressions on me with time. But I did it anyway.




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