Here I try and list the countries by order of my preference to visit and re-visit. It’s a democracy here, so you are allowed your opinion on how wrong I’m. Since I’m from India, I wanted to exclude it from the list to avoid the confounding partial factor! But then I tried to picture traveling India from a foreigner’s perspective and rated it on the list as well. And obviously, I can only include the countries I have been to. Also suffixed are the things that impressed me first up and that linger on. In short, THE BEST COUNTRIES TO VISIT!

So DRUMROLL and here we go:

  1. Indonesia: Sun-kissed beaches, Cultural Tableau & Mesmerizing Kecak Ocean Temple

  2. India: Towering Mountains, Traditional Potpourri & Sensory Overload Benaras-31

  3. Jordan: Wadi Rum, Petra & Dead Sea IMG_1765

  4. Spain: Tapas, Prado & Flamenco La-Sagrada-Familia-Barcelona

  5. Portugal: Fado, Pastel de Nata & Vasco da Gama untitled.png

  6. Mauritius: Misplaced Biharis, Creole Cuisine & Feathery sands Mauritius---Beaches---Tropical-beach-xlarge

  7. Egypt: Pyramids, Nile & Pharaohs Pyramids of Giza on a clear day

  8. Cambodia: Angkor Wat, Amok & Optimism IMG_3655

  9. Greece: Santorini, Meteora & Cheer 1 (4)

  10. Australia: Penguins, Croc Steaks & Cairns 39

  11. Maldives: Turtles, Desolate Islands & off Shore Booze Maafushi

  12. Vietnam: Pho, AK-47 & Patriotism ben-thanh-market-in-ho-chi-minh-city-vietnam.jpg

  13. Sri Lanka: Fish, Whales & Sigiriya sigiriya.jpg

  14. Cyprus: Greco-Turk conflict, Flamingoes & TekkeFlamingos-with-Tekke-e1459546260182

  15. Thailand: Lemongrass, Phi Phi & the Wats 1200px-Wat_Arun_03-2012-01

  16. UAE: Safaris, Falconry & Glitzuae-1920x480

  17. Taiwan: Stinky Tofu, Taroko Gorge & Friendly faces: IMG_3900

  18. Singapore: Gardens in the sky, Mini Indo-China & Tamil food 687474703a2f2f7374617469632e617369617765626469726563742e636f6d2f6d2f7068756b65742f706f7274616c732f7777772d73696e6761706f72652d636f6d2f686f6d65706167652f6e696768746c6966652f7061676550726

I know it’s a weird list. I even had trouble ranking them like this. On another day, the list may look entirely different as places tend to change their impressions on me with time. But I did it anyway.




49 thoughts on “Best Countries to Visit

  1. Ahh don’t. You’ve given me a serious case of wanderlust with this post. I’ve visited a few places on this list but I’d love to visit Thailand and Sri Lanka.

    Ami xxx

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  2. I work for Corporate America and lead a technology team, six of which are based in India. Secretly I hope they’ll send me there one day because there are some truly amazing places to see! As far as wonderful places to visit in the mean time, our neighbors swear by Greece, my grandparents by Spain. My husband, on the other hand, is saving for a trip to Iceland. Hopefully he’ll want to go in the summer. It sounds terribly cold .. does it not?

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  3. While I do not agree or disagree with your list because this is based on your personal experience, I don’t think you have captured Taiwan well with that photo. I had a good laugh that you felt that stinky tofu is one of their highlights. LOL

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  4. Oh my gosh! You’ve pretty much summed up a large part of our bucket list. I also see the inspiration for a lot of your travel cartoons 🙂 Beautiful photography, and thanks for sharing!

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