Here I try and list the countries by order of my preference to visit and re-visit. It’s a democracy here, so you are allowed your opinion on how wrong I’m. Since I’m from India, I wanted to exclude it from the list to avoid the confounding partial factor! But then I tried to picture traveling India from a foreigner’s perspective and rated it on the list as well. And obviously, I can only include the countries I have been to. Also suffixed are the things that impressed me first up and that linger on. In short, THE BEST COUNTRIES TO VISIT!

So DRUMROLL and here we go:

  1. Indonesia: Sun-kissed beaches, Cultural Tableau & Mesmerizing Kecak 
    Ocean Temple

  2. India: Towering Mountains, Traditional Potpourri & Sensory Overload 

  3. Spain: Tapas, Prado & Flamenco 

  4. South Africa: Wildlife, Capetown & Garden Route

    1 (1)

  5. Jordan: Wadi Rum, Petra & Dead Sea


  6. Japan: Ryokans, Sake & Kyoto 

  7. Portugal: Fado, Pastel de Nata & Vasco da Gama

  8. Mauritius: Misplaced Biharis, Creole Cuisine & Feathery sands

  9. Egypt: Pyramids, Nile & Pharaohs 
    Pyramids of Giza on a clear day

  10. Belgium: Bruges, Beer & Chocolate
    1 (2)

  11. Cambodia: Angkor Wat, Amok & Optimism

  12. Greece: Santorini, Meteora & Cheer
    1 (4)

  13. Australia: Penguins, Croc Steaks & Cairns 

  14. France: Eiffel, Louvre & Breathtaking Mont St Michel


  15. Maldives: Turtles, Desolate Islands & off Shore Booze 

  16. Vietnam: Pho, AK-47 & Patriotism

  17. Sri Lanka: Fish, Whales & Sigiriya

  18. Netherlands: Windmills, Canals & Rijks

  19. South Korea: Soju, Hanoks & Jeols


  20. Cyprus: Greco-Turk conflict, Flamingoes & Tekke
    1 (1)

  21. Thailand: Lemongrass, Phi Phi & the Wats

  22. Luxembourg: Museums, Great Walks and Crypts
    Vue hivernale sur la vieille ville de Luxembourg et le quartier du Grund

  23. UAE: Safaris, Falconry & Glitz

  24. Taiwan: Stinky Tofu, Taroko Gorge & Friendly faces:

  25. Singapore: Gardens in the sky, Mini Indo-China & Tamil food

    I know it’s a weird list. I even had trouble ranking them like this. On another day, the list may look entirely different as places tend to change their impressions on me with time. But I did it anyway.

121 thoughts on “Best Countries to Visit

  1. I think I’d have a hard time making this list as well…but I think you’ve done a pretty awesome job! I haven’t been to most of these countries (yet)! But topping my list would be Greece and Egypt too.

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  2. Your list leaves me realizing there is still so much of the world I have yet to see. I HAVE been to Greece (Athens and Santorini), and I agree that Santorini should be ranked high. It is simply stunning and so peaceful. But I have also enjoyed Italy, Germany, France, Canada, and many places in the United States. How can one ever really choose a favorite?

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  3. This is a great list of countries, some of these I’ve been to myself and some on your list are countries that I need to get out to soon, places like Japan 😀 I know how you feel though about putting them in order. I’m constantly asked and even my top three change order all the time.

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  4. I do agree with most of the countries on your list! But you’re also right in saying, everyone has their own choices and interests, so it’s hard to really have that perfect list that everyone will agree with! I have been to most of the countries on this list, except Australia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. I have to say though, countries like Norway, Iceland, New Zealand also are so gorgeous, they would definitely make it to my list 🙂

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  5. You seem to have covered a lot of countries already. I find it hard to rank the countries as all of them has their own delights. But yes, certain countries have always attracted me more than the others. Cyprus is one of them due to the unique Greco Turk confluence that you have mentioned.

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  6. Interesting to see Indonesia top your list; it’s a place I’ve long been fascinated by, mainly because it’s so vast and I know so little about it.

    If I were to make such a list, it would definitely include Vietnam. I visited for a few weeks seven years ago and think about it often.

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  7. I could agree to the list. I love Singapore even though it’s unbelievably expensive! I am eyeing on Mauritius and Maldives next year, love the islands so much. Hanoi will be my next destination after Thailand this month so definitely not missing out Pho! Ah, good list. Oh, actually I love them all, can all they be my favourite?

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  8. You’re right this is a tough bunch to rank! I’d love to how you did end up ranking. I would certainly love to visit all you have listed. I would love to visit Jordan, Egypt, and Cyprus!

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  9. Oh, wow – I just realize how little I’ve seen of the world yet, although traveling for five years nonstop! I can’t really choose which destination I’d prefer to visit next. I think for now I’d stick with some of your European choices like Portugal or Greece. Especially in autumn beautiful destinations.

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  10. I love this list! Has soooo many of my favourites 🙂 Greece , Indonesia , Portugal, Spain, Jordan.
    I’d love to add Morocco for its vintage beauties, New Zealand and Iceland for their landscapes to this list! Thank you for including India! It is sooo diverse it definitely deserves a mention!

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  11. An impressive list, but as you say, almost somewhat random! Being based in Greece, I should be biased and say Greece ranks the top for me, but having just returned from Catalonia in Spain, the countryside there is just SO nice I might have to rank it at the top!

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  12. So many countries to visit, and so many yet to visit. So little time. I think each country is a revelation and has a unique character. Recently I visited a country in East Africa called Rwanda, hitherto just a name for me, but the beauty of the country and the warmth of its people bowled me over. Just shows the enormous treasures that the world has about which we may not even know.

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  13. Great rundown of some amazing places, Indonesia is at the top my list of places I have gone, so I am glad to see it on yours! Love the photos you used as well!


  14. Thats a great list! I am happy that I saw Indonesia first on the list and I must say I love Indonesia. Not many people might not appreciate it as much as I do but if you are snorkeler and scuba diver and are not really after heavy parties, alcohol and croweded places than Indonesia is a place to visit! There are so many countries and places on earth to see so making a such list is hard’

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  15. Your list just gave wanderlust because I haven’t even visited half of those places 😥
    But I think you should have ranked both Portugal and Spain higher, they are just so beautiful and happy places to visit… And have some of the best food of the world, haha! 😀

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