Why you should Travel

I want you to imagine a dot, about the size of this period. Now I want you to look around the room you’re in; relatively, that dot is you and the room is the world. However, unlike the room, you most likely haven’t explored all the nook and crannies as you should of the world. You don’t have to travel the whole world but traveling is a special experience that can inspire you to grow as a person and view the world differently.

You can experience traveling in a way that is special to you. Traveling alone allows you to learn more about yourself, but traveling in a group strengthens bonds. Traveling with a group of friends is a sure way to create fun stories to take back home.You can travel to another country and experience their culture or you can travel to another city and explore local attractions.Visiting a nearby city might not be the most exotic trip but it can be fun to learn a town’s history and see what they have to offer. Any way you travel is unique to you because it’s for you! Like every snowflake is different, so is every trip for each person.

I can guarantee that whatever trip you take, you will be inspired by the culture and the people that live there. Even going to different cities within one country is a unique experience. For example, different cities in Japan have different mascots! That is a fun little travel fact that isn’t even the tip of the travel-iceberg! People living even one city over experience life drastically different than you. In some cities, public transportation is more popular than individual cars or motorbikes. In other cities, the days and nights blur because the city never sleeps. Wherever you go you are bound to meet people who will leave a lasting impact on you.

Maybe going to populated places isn’t your thing, you can always go on personal trips through nature. You can see the beautiful, green mountain landscapes in Netherlands or the famous national parks in America. You can experience time away from big city noise and finally appreciate the nature around you. The night sky is so beautiful without the city lights to block it out. Maybe you can travel out into the country during an astronomical event and experience it in its full glory. 

The world is such a beautiful, diverse place and you deserve to experience all it has to offer. You have to ask yourself if you’re happy with all the worldly experience you have right now. You have to ask yourself if that is enough. In reality, it is never enough, there is always more you should experience. You should experience the sights and sound of another country, as well as their food, culture, and people. When you travel you add a page to the book of your life which can change you as a person, often for the best.

So get out there, get out of your comfort zone, look around in the Pandora’s box that is this beautiful world!!!




42 thoughts on “Why you should Travel

  1. My grandparents were missionaries for 40+ years and traveled the globe. My grandmother would be nodding all the way through your post and has always to told everyone in the family “Go, go see the world .. it’s nothing short of incredible!” A bit of trivia? Her very favorite country they ever visited? Italy.

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  2. Totally agree that one must travel if there is an opportunity, if not, make that opportunity! Going to see places and experiencing different things personally are just not the same as reading books or watching travel documentaries.

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  3. You couldn’t have written it better. Traveling would make one closer to nature because for every destination, nature will unfold. The only thing that stops me from globetrotting is time. But once time beckons on me, I love to use the opportunity wisely.

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  4. I agree with you – even a short trip to somewhere close by is better than no trip at all! Whether you’re on a big trip to exotic destinations, taking smaller trips within your own country or even just exploring your own city, the important thing is to just do it! My blog only covers travel in Australia, but I often get locals telling me they didn’t know about the places I’ve visited – it’s great to be able to inspire others to get out there and explore.

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  5. You don’t need to convince me I’m already in love with travel 😉 I’m all for exploring the rest of this big world we live in but sometimes I need to remind myself to spent time exploring my own country too

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  6. Thanks for the inspiration! Traveling has had a HUGE impact on my life. After studying abroad in Japan for four months, my whole outlook on life changed. It’s definitely something I think more people should do!

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  7. Amen to that! Traveling was one of the best things I did to opening up my world – to opening myself up to new challenges, new ideas and perspectives, and new cultures. It’s so incredible to witness and experience the diversity, and learn from other countries – see how beautiful the world is outside of our own bubble.

    I think everyone should seize the opportunity to travel the world!

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  8. I’m such a huge fan of travel and agree with your ideas on why we should get out and explore. Whether solo or with a group there is always things to learn and make our world a richer place.

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  9. Great read, this inspire me. I always wanted to travel, I planned and organize things well, but sometimes when it come to the point of executing the plan – I feel laid back about it. You’re right the world is beautiful, awaits for us to explore.

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  10. Well, I am not into travelling and all. Unless if I find a nice partner who can ensure that it will be fun. IF your partner is half as fun as you have written here, then hey every month I will go somewhere with her.

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  11. Over the years, I’ve come to accept that there are those who love travel and those who don’t care. They still live full lives but travel isn’t part of it… and as, a fellow traveller, I’d love for all to see the world but it’s okay to stay put too.

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  12. I love travelling and would relish the opportunity if I did not have the constraints of a day job that only offers 28 days holiday a year.I do try and travel in that time though.

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  13. Traveling is something I really want to do, but not at this point in time when me and my husband are homebound due to certain medical issues. When we both get better, we surely will take advantage of traveling.

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