Must See Sights in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is teeming with amazing sights. Here’s a list of the ‘must see’

  1. Great Ocean Road: 
    The Iconic Great Ocean Drive

    There is a reason why the great ocean drive makes the list every time. It’s that amazing. Ideally, keep aside 2-3 days just for this when you plan. Can go wrong this amazing drive. Lots of places to see on the way to the Imperial 12 Apostles.

  2. Philip Island: Penguins, Koalas, Wallabies, amazing ocean vistas. Need we say more. Check out the Philip Island. Read more here.
    Check out the Little ‘Widow’ Penguins

    3. Yarra Valley Wineries: Whether you are a Wine connoisseur or just curious. You will find the wine tasting holiday in the Yarra Valley, one of a kind and something that you will cherish. You can see the art of wine making and sit down with your wine and cheese against an amazing backdrop.

    The never ending Vineyards

    4. Queen Victoria Market: From Gourmet food to Deli food and everything in between. If it’s on an Australian’s menu, you will find it here. It’s not just about the food, but also the expereince. take in the sights and sounds. Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 6am – 2pm / Friday 6am – 6pm / Saturday 6am – 3pm / Sunday 9am – 4pmClosed on Monday & Wednesday. Website

    The Market Arch

    5. Walking in the Melbourne lanes and CBD: The occasional traffic congestion notwithstanding, Melbourne is a very walkable city. You will have many photo ops. So keep those cameras ready.

    The Central Business District

    6. Daylesford: At just over a 100kms from Melbourne, Daylesford has been a favorite getaway for the Melbournians. No reason why should not check out this soothing getaway. Just hire a car and go!

    One of the most common photos clicked at Daylesford

    7. Melbourne City Circle Tram: This iconic tram lets tourists spend all day on a City Circle Tram. Information leaflets, including an ‘easy to understand’ map of the city are available on board each City Circle Tram. The City Circle Tram can be used as a ‘hop on – hop off’ service, this way tourists can enjoy each of Melbourne’s sites and have the added bonus of traditional Melbourne transportation.

    The City Circle Tram

    8. Royal Botanic Gardens: These sprawling gardens are the much needed lung space close to the heart of CBD. Ideal for a day’s lounging or a family picnic. Website.

    The Royal Botanic Gardens


This is just a small list of what Melbourne can offer. Stay longer to find surprises on your own. Check out things to do with your kids!


9 thoughts on “Must See Sights in Melbourne, Australia

  1. I’ve just come back from a day trip to Melbourne (from Tasmania) and in turn took a day trip to Phillip Island – it was incredible so I’m so glad to see that it made your list here. And obviously the Great Ocean Road is a must, being one of the most epic coastal roads in Australia … and the world! Melbourne for the win right!

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  2. I visited Australia a few years ago but never made it to Melbourne. I would absolutely love to see those penguins! And I think the Queen Victoria Market would be great – markets like that are a perfect way to get to know a culture and its food!

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  3. I love the idea of going to Australia, I just don’t know that I could do the flight…lol…I think I would love to see the outback and go hiking. I would be incredible to experience the animal life first hand. And then I would visit the towns….

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