8 thrifty tips for Brissie family flyers

8 thrifty tips for Brissie family flyers

Brisbane Airport’s a brilliant base for family trips to domestic destinations, as well as a springboard for special holidays to see relies in locations like London, Bali, Shanghai or New Zealand.

But when you’re travelling on a budget with kids, it’s all too easy to overspend and end up short of spare cash during your trip.

With that in mind, here are eight thrifty tips for Brissie family flyers.

  1. Cheap flights

Finding the right deal on plane tickets is paramount, especially when travelling in a large family group. You can bag bargain flights from Brisbane at Kayak.com.au and book early to save more.

2. Vouchers

Vouchers are your best friend when you want to save cash on attractions, shops and services in and near Brisbane’s air hub — browse groupon.com.au to see what’s on offer.

3. Beaches

If you’re a family of beach bums, building in time to get some sand between your toes on the way to the airport won’t break the bank. Nearby beaches include Cribb Island, Nudgee Beach and Streets Beach Lagoon — take your pick.

4. Parks

When you like free family recreation on slightly more solid ground, there are plenty of Brisbane parks that are perfect pre-flight pitstops. For instance, Melrose Park has barbecue pits, swings and slides, while Tuckeroo Park has plenty of green spaces and is close to a beach, so offers the best of both worlds.

5. Airport parking

Getting to the airport in your own ride rather than relying on public transport can sometimes be less stressful. But you don’t want to splash cash on expensive onsite parking when you get there, so find Brisbane Airport parking from Looking4.com and book ahead for a safe, secure bargain.

6. Designer bargains

Packing your family’s bags for a long break can be a bit of a logistical nightmare, so you can be forgiven if you arrive at the airport to find that your favourite pair of shades or swimsuit is missing. But fear not — DFO at Skygate is a stone’s throw from the airport and the perfect place to pick up cut-price deals on high-quality children’s fashion, sports goods, international designer brands and more. 

7. Brilliant burgers

If beef patties nestled in a soft bun, surrounded by crisp salad and sumptuous sauce sounds splendid, you really need to stop off at Just Poppy’ burger joint at Riverhills Plaza prior to your flight. It’s been named Brisbane’s best burger by Brisbane Times readers and the menu is value for money too.

8. Kid’s Play Zone

When flights get delayed, kids become antsy, so you’ll be relieved to know that there’s a dedicated Kid’s Play Zone at Brisbane Airport where your rug rats can burn off excess energy playing lively games on interactive big screens. You’ll find it on The Village Green in the International Terminal and its gratis.

That’s our list! Share your own Brissie Airport thrifty travel tips in the comments section. 

15 thoughts on “8 thrifty tips for Brissie family flyers

  1. Although I have been to Australia, I only visited Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane, Perth and the Gold Coast are places I would love to visit. The airport tips and quite handy and I believe most of them can be used around the world. Thanks.


  2. I love how airports have kid’s play zone areas – I just they had them when we were travelling with our family. I visited Brisbane last year and was amazed at the changes since I visited many years ago. Thanks for sharing information on Groupon, I have not used them but will now definitely look at their website to see what offers they have.


  3. Vouchers have saved us a great deal when traveling. We also make time for stops at the beach. It’s always such an amazing calming experience.


  4. I have visited Australia a couple of times but never made it to Brisbane. I’m still traveling solo but these are some great tips even for people like me 🙂 From my experience, I think these can be applied in other cities too. Thank you for sharing


  5. Kid’s Play Zone in the airport is really helpful. I went through that phase, so I know. The Just Poppy burger sounds yummy, and it’s about lunch time where I am at now. You make me even hungrier! lol. I never thought about stopping at the beaches or parks before going to the airport, but it sounds good for when you still have plenty of time before leaving from Brissie.


  6. Beaches and parks are the best free experiences to have in big cities. I love the tip about using Groupon! Kayak is not yet so famous here, but I will definitely look it up now. These simple and practical tips will help save us a lot of money everywhere we go not just Brisbane.:)


  7. I understand the hardships of traveling with family. Little mercies like cheap flights and vouchers come handy. I am a backpacker so Just Poppy’ burger joint sounds good but do they serve vegan food? And kids zone at the airport is such a blessing or else the kids can get cranky waiting for the flight.


  8. Of all those things, the burgers somehow caught my attention the most. Maybe because I’m really hungry right now and could totally go for a burger lol. I haven’t made it to Brisbane yet (or Australia) but will keep these tips in mind for when I do!


  9. Out of all those things, the burgers somehow stood out to me the most. Maybe because I’m hungry right now and could totally go for a burger lol. Anyway I haven’t made it to Brisbane yet (or any part of Australia), so I’ll keep these tips in mind for when I finally make it there!


  10. These airport tips work for most locations, no matter what country. I appreciate an airport with a play area for kids since you want them still on the plane. I often use ride share services to get to the airport to avoid parking fees, though some hotels here offer a stay and fly option.

    Liked by 1 person

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