Top Holiday Destinations Around The World In 2019

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Our world is a mighty place, my friends. Here you can find the best holiday destinations appropriate for your hunger to travel, explore and relax. Let’s read ahead to check how much you can visualise and implement while discovering some of the best places on the planet Earth.

  1. India, South Asia

Spending your summer vacation in India is topping the charts in 2019. You can indulge in natural sceneries in Ladakh where you will find snow leopards in Hemis National Park. Also, try a bike road trip to Khardung-La Pass for the best road trip experience of your life.

Visit Amarnath Caves, Jammu filled with craggy caves and snow-clad mountains. As in summers, this holy shrine in India opens up for the pilgrimage, pilgrims trek and hike endlessly from the different parts of the country. The whole atmosphere of watching the devotees’ relentless visits is a sight to behold.

Next, you can visit God’s own country—Kerala. Enjoy the laid-back life down in Keralite cities near the beaches and regale your travelogue this summer with tea plantations, boating, fishing, and by visiting the Periyar National Park. There’s greenery everywhere in this state, which you would remember for the times to come, compelling you to make a tour to Kerala once again every year, making it an ideal summer vacation 2019 state in India. 

2. Thailand, Southeast Asia

In summers, especially around July, you will witness the two most favourite festivals in Thailand apart from the other places to visit in Thailand mentioned ahead. One of the festivals is Asahna Bucha, which is celebrated and venerated widely by Thai Buddhists paying their respect to Lord Buddha’s first sermon in India, almost 2,500 years ago. Thousands of eco-friendly candles are distributed to the local temples known as Wat by the locals to contribute their devotion in the celebration to remember the first sermon of Lord Buddha. While Wan Khao Phansa is another festival falling right after the day of Asahna Bucha to mark the commencement of the three-month rainfall season.

To make your stay memorable in one of the top destinations in the world, visit Trang, in the Southern part of Thailand. You will definitely bookmark this city as best summer holiday destination once you explore the exquisite Thai food, Limestone Mountains, sandy beaches, and arguably the best shoreline in Thailand alongside the Andaman sea. 

Hire a tuk-tuk motorbike when you reach Trang, for your natural escapade to Thung Kai Botanical Garden, then undeniably visit the Khao Kap Cave for its magnificent cave grotto view. Make sure you lie down in the boat while you are getting out the cave—to avoid getting injured from any of the perennial stalagmites and stalactites found everywhere inside.

Interesting Fact: Did you know Trang has sailed its way amongst the upcoming couples for underwater wedding ceremonies off lately? This largestand auspicious underwater ceremony has a record in Guinness World Record book.

Koh Tao, an archipelago of 3 little islands is a must-visit place because it is less traveled, secluded, and fun with snorkeling and white sandy beaches. Try hiking to the crater of the limestone mountains surrounded by the islands to get the panoramic view that finds places in many of Thailand stamps as well. Also, carry your party animal outside around 3 major party hubs, all located at the Sairee Beach on Koh Tao Island. Live music and travelers playing Beer Pong are something’s you would want to try too.

3. Islands of Andaman& Nicobar, Indian Archipelago 

Beat the Indian summer heat by visiting the islands of Andaman and Nicobar. Coined as the top destinations in the world by a myriad of backpackers and wayfarers, you will find Andaman with a lot of families touring around the scenic beaches and indulging in water sports by the bay of affordable resorts and private accommodations.

Hire a local guide to direct your trek through the thick forest of and around Elephant Beach mostly from June-August to find less crowd. Remember to carry enough water to stay hydrated during your trek. You can also add snorkeling, if the time is right for the water sports at Elephant Beach.

One of the best places to visit in the Andaman is Port Blair without any room for doubt. As a matter of fact, here you meet tourists who may be solo travellers, couples, or even newly married. Most of them will be keen in exploring the best museums that Port Blair inhabits like Cellular Jail, Fisher Museum, Kalapani Museum, Catham Saw Mill, Forest Museum, etc. 

To enjoy the natural beauty of Andaman visit Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and Baratang Island for an unforgettable summer vacation of 2019.

4. Mexico, North America

Mexico is a large country where you can go through a multiple choice of weather around the year. In summer, though, it’s best to remain at the coastal places or at higher altitudes like Toluca in Estado de Mexico and Mexico City. Pack raincoats and sunscreen for sure whenever you are making your next visit to one of the best holiday destinations in the world— Mexico, North America. 

Take a cultural shock visit to Mexico by participating in the national festivals in summers like Guelaguetza and Zacatecas. Attend the largest film festival in Guanajuato after which, you can make your dreams of crushing grapes with your feet come true during the Fiestas de la Vendimia festival in the central state, Queretaro; a perfect glass of grape wine that you crushed yourself would be a story worth taking back home, wouldn’t it?

Since summer is the shoulder season in Mexico, you will get amazing deals irrespective of who are you are traveling with, saving your pockets for other travel escapades as well. 

Interesting Fact: Did you know there are many resorts in Mexico, which allow kids to stay and eat for free on a family vacation? Few of them are Oasis Palm & Iberostar Resorts in Cancun, Q.R. Mexico.

Join the community services in the summertime in Mexico like saving the turtles when they are at the bay to hatch the eggs. You will feel proud of yourself to be responsible to have done a rescue task in a foreign country. That’s actually the most effective way to take part in eco-adventure in Mexico. You can even take a mesmerizing swim in crystal clear water in Cancun or Isla Holbox with whale sharks or attend Shark Festival in Isla Mujeres in July.

5. Hvar, Croatia (Between Central & Southeast Europe, overlooks the Adriatic Sea)

Hvar has the Greek influence dating back to the 4th century BC. This island in Croatia has the oldest town in both Europe and the Adriatic region named Stari Grad. In fact, it’s the hub for Croatian Literature Renaissance. The history of this island is worth remembering because this island was a part of so many historic colonies: Roman Empire, Venetian Empire, Yugoslavia, Byzantine and much more—marking it as the best summer holiday destination for the history buffs. 

With 2400 years of tradition still alive and breathing along with the 150 years of organized tourism curated by the Croatians for the betterment of the tourists each year, in addition to the most attractive nightlife amongst the young travelers—mostly originating from neighboring European countries like Austria, Bosnia, and Montenegro—it’s a picture-perfect location for yoursummer vacation of 2019.

The list of the top destinations in the world will continue to soar because each year a new place gets discovered by backpackers, but we hope you visit these locations first before exploring new ones.

8 thoughts on “Top Holiday Destinations Around The World In 2019

  1. I have been seeing posts about travel to Croatia and it really sparked my interest in the place. I would want to visit someday. It looks so beautiful in the photo above!

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  2. I so want to go to ALL, especially Croatia, which I love. I’m just concerned that tourism on the Andaman Islands will encroach onto the land of the Juwara people and their immunity will be compromised and they’ll be wiped out. Sigh.

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  3. All of them really look Marvelous, and Mexico is well within reach. But I think my favorite spot here would be Croatia with the marvelous buildings and so rich in history. I would love it.


  4. What a wonderful selection on your list. I love staying at fine hotels and have done so in many countries over the years. I am always open to hear about more places to stay.

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