The NYC: Downtown Manhattan, Ancient Architectures and the Seamless Streets

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One of the greatest cities in the world has a lot more to do other than things mentioned in the title. New York is a whirlwind of activities where a person can run out of time and money to explore it in-depth, but the city will never dwindle in astonishing you with its small and large bits of roam-around places.

The grand city of the U.S. helps you to enjoy the Broadway shows, shop and dine at the renowned brands, admire sites like the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, One World Observatory, Ellis Island, St Patrick’s Cathedral, High Lane, Grand Central, NY Public Library, and the list is countless. 

I may seem scarcity of words, but the voyage to New York City won’t end!

The place is heavenly, and that’s why it is on the wishlist of travellers and non-travellers both. Indeed, one can witness unique perspectives of life in this single city at any time of day and night; it’s not going to disappoint you.

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So, let’s dig deep and tour the city virtually via this paper version, hoping that you visit it in real the next time after analyzing the beauty of this destination.

No.1 The Freedom Symbol: ‘Statue of Liberty’

This freedom symbol gives you incredible views, making it an iconic landmark and one of the world’s most recognizable monuments. The statue was presented to the U.S. by France way back in 1880, and it stands proudly since then.

To gaze its beauty, take up a ferry or boat trip to Liberty Island and admire it from close. There are inscriptions and plaques which display its history, and also the changes made to it often. Make an advance booking if you want to climb 354 steps right up to the crown or would have to take a walk around the statue itself.

Don’t miss the lifetime opportunity and collect some awesome memories from the sky-high crown!

No.2 First Street Garden

A free sightseeing location which is also known as the thought-inspiring community garden in the lower East of NYC. The garden got built in the 1980s and presently, portrays some eccentric and amazing murals and artworks. 

The art pieces honour America’s influential women who actually made a difference in its development and trust me; it is one of its kind. Rosa Parks, Dorothy Day, Shirley Chisolm are a few personalities to be seen at the admirable place.

One can surely enjoy the serene ambience and respite from the chaotic city streets!

No.3 Metropolitan Museum of Art

Met (as commonly known) stands popular since 1870 and earns it naturally by displaying a collection of two million-plus artefacts, spanning a period of 5000 years. It contains spectacular pieces from around the world showcasing some finest achievements and crafts like Renaissance art, Egyptian tomb, unique weapons, Islamic artistry, to name a few.

Believe it or not, art lovers won’t take their eyes off the illustrations and the artistic work and would not resist visiting the place every year. You will be wowed to see the Roman Sculptures, re-assembled Temple of Dendur, Robert Lehman Collection and a lot more which can be experienced when present there.

Visit the wonderful place, taking out ample time to fully appreciate the marvels of the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

No.4 The Grand Central Terminal

Its the Grand Central Station which is that famous building which requires a halt to pop into its beauty that is worth praising. From the exterior walls only, one can start snapping some shots of the Beaux Art and start snipping into the inside to explore the glimmering marble floors, gold, and nickel-plated chandeliers, sky-high ceilings and much more.

In 1913, it was opened as a terminal to serve the subway and train stations; however, presently its counted on the list of top tourist attractions. While roaming around, you can eat at some good restaurants and even shop till you drop.

Eat, Shop and Click!

No.5 Central Park

As a park, we can expect some lovely flowers and gardens from the place, but it goes way beyond and showcases some beautifully maintained and highlighted monuments, lakes, and ponds, adding and magnifying the essence of the flora.

One can spend some leisure time relaxing, away from the city hustle and bustle, and enjoy the meadows and the scenic beauty of nature. There are no restrictions on visiting the location in the context of seasons and climate; one can find lots of things to explore being outdoors in Central Park.

No.6 St. Patrick’s Cathedral

To witness the biggest Gothic Roman Catholic in the USA, land up at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral that is a build of the 1800s, named after an Ireland Saint. The glorious historical building has a lot of striking features to display, both inside and outside.

The Cathedral can be occupied by 2400 people at a time where they can enjoy gazing at the stained glasses, shines, tombs, arches, and huge organs. The church is an active place of worship and has an audio tour (self-guided tour) to grab all the major information about the place.

You will be blown away by the beauty and architecture of the Cathedral as it consists of some of the eye-catchy art and a tranquil environment where one would love to spend plenty of time.

Adore and Worship!

No.7 Empire State Building

After the 1 World Trade Centre Tower, this was the building that took the place of the second-highest buildings of the world (443 meters tall containing 102 floors). The tower has made its presence in many of the T.V. shows and famous movies, it might seem familiar as it offers some astounding views from such high levels. 

The visit to the 86th-floor observatory(1050 feet) is what people expect to witness as it possesses the city’s highest open-air observation deck, which makes it a bit busy sightseeing places in New York.

The best time to elevate high up to the building is at night as you cannot afford to miss the gloriously illuminated city, giving a galaxy look!

No.8 The High Line

Its a newly built tourist attraction of New York, turning a rail line into an urban walking trail above the city streets. Its a cool public park opened in 2009 which sits on a section track in Manhattan, covering a distance of 2.3 km(approx. 1.4mile).

The High line is 2-3 stories above street level, built with modern architecture, and serves the motives to relax and enjoy, thereby, giving a new lease of life to the area. The place is enticing as it gives the views of the Hudson River, Furstenburg Sundeck, and many other public art installations. 

Get going along the track, praising the eye-catchy steel and wood sculptures coming your way!

No.9 One World Observatory

One World Observatory deck is on the top of the One World Trade Centre building, offering some never-seen-before scenery form its 100, 101, and 102 floors, accounting for the rise of 1176 feet high above the NYC.

You can see a beautiful glass-built sky-high tower at the Manhattan skyline, where the cuts of the glass in angles makes it appearance stand-out. 

One World Observatory gives a pyramidal look when seen straight high, standing near the base!

No.10 Ellis Island

It has a history behind it which makes it another historical landmark. The port served as the first entry point for New York immigrants. At one time 12million people made an entry from this point, keeping an average of 5000 people arriving per day.

The island is also known to capture many prisoners during wartime; some places are restricted to tour while others are allowed to visit and are open for public. Today, Ellis Island is renowned for its immigration museum where one can take the self-guided audio tour to know the clear history and events that happened at this landmark.

Old images and captures would bring past to life!

New York is one of the energetic destinations of the globe where its many times referred to as the ‘Capital of the World’. You think of anything exciting, and NYC serves you with all that imagined.

Hope I was able to urge you to make your next trip to New York as its a place not to miss, instead, to live. 

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