Top Ten Travel Backpacks For Your Next Vacation

Exhausted by the endless search for the best travel backpacks to carry this vacation? Sit back and relax, because you’re at the right place.

Planning a vacation is in itself a pretty tedious task, add into it deciding on the things you need to carry, the stuff you don’t need to carry and the right backpack to shove it all into it. 

But no need to worry, because we’ve got sorted for you. Here’s a list of what we think are the top ten best travel backpacks to carry with you this vacation:

  1. Aer Travel Pack 2

If you’re aware of or have used the Aer Travel Pack, which is the primary one in the series, we’re certain you couldn’t be more thrilled than to know that its second tier is here. 

The Aer Travel Pack is an outstanding travel bag with almost all the great facilities, but the reason the Aer Travel Pack 2 is even better is because the manufacturers have looked at all the tiny shortcomings in the original and have made incredible improvements. Thus, making it an excellent choice for a backpack.

Beginning with the layout, a very sleek looking backpack with no big logos or brand name written on it, (a big thumbs up), hence you can use it for regular use or in your travels all the same. The slim body makes it lightweight but packs the same amount of stuff nonetheless. 

The material is reasonably durable which makes for a great one bag travel. A notable fact is, version 2 didn’t originally have a false bottom for the laptop, which was then revised by the company. It has an excellent and spacious internal and external organisation which makes it easier and quicker for you to reach for your stuff.

Pros : Great laptop compartment, No hanging straps, thus a more elegant look, Versatile

Cons : Compression straps in the way of the zippers in the main compartment 

Purchase link:

2) Goruck GR2 Backpack

The Goruck GR2 is one of those strong backpacks made from stuff the military uses. Yes, it’s that strong! Moreover, it’s bombproof. Now that’s something, isn’t it? Though the durable material makes it a bit heavy to carry, it doesn’t at all appear bulky. It has plenty of pockets and a great laptop compartment. 

The great strength and durability it carries makes it a bit expensive. But we believe it’s totally worth it. Needless to say, it’s weather-resistant. 

In the beginning, though, it may feel very stiff or rigid against your body. But over time, that is in around 4 weeks, the fabric gets softer and becomes better worn in. 

So if you’re worried about the cost factor, you might as well buy a second-hand Goruck GR2 backpack that will also give you the benefit of the fabric already worn in. 

Pros : Excellent strength, Weather-resistant, Spacious

Cons : Heavy and expensive, Rigid in the beginning

Purchase link:

3) Peak Design Travel Backpack

As the name suggests, this one wins on the design part thoroughly. It looks great and has very innovative features as well. 

Talking about the size, it’s big but big as for a camera bag. It will work amazingly as one if you’ve big size camera gears. Though if you’ve small ones, this may seem huge for it. The size brings weight. Yes, it’s heavy after you put all your stuff in, but then again, the straps won’t cut into your shoulders.

It is weatherproof but to our delight, also has a rainfly, (which acts as a rain cover for the backpack). It has compartment cubes (amazing, right?), which makes packing so much easier.

Pros : Weatherproof along with a faintly, Excellent looking, Innovative features

Cons : Heavy, Will work the best as a camera bag

Purchase link:

4) Tom Bihn Synik 30L

This one’s made on the list, not because of the looks of it, (okay let’s just accept it isn’t that good-looking), but because of the way it’s designed and organised.

It’s super easy to use and has way too many pockets which backpackers always accept with open arms. Many on the outside, that make it easier to get a hand of your stuff. It’s pretty comfortable and the build and the material are excellent. 

And trust us, it gets better with time. 

Pros : Spacious, Great organization, Easy to use

Cons : Not the best looking backpack 

Purchase link:

5) Tortuga Outbreaker Travel backpack

Now this giant here is a backpack that may have boxy aesthetics but it’s very roomy and spacious. It can hold all your stuff inside because it packs like a suitcase. It comes under two sizes – 35L and 45L and even a 35L is more than enough for you to pack for a month. It’s very comfortable and has an incredible internal organization to give you quick access to all your stuff. 

It’s your go-to single bag travel backpack. 

Pros: Roomy, Great size for all your stuff, Comfortable

Cons: Laptop compartment takes a lot of space, Bulky

Purchase link:

6) Reebok training backpack 

Now if you’re looking for an excellent gym backpack, this one’s surely it. It’s a junction of great function and excellent style. 

It’s neither too big nor too small, but if you plan to put anything longer than 13 inches, it may come off small for you. 

But other than that, it has two large compartments that can hold all your gears. 

With great internal and external organization, it has plenty of loops to attach different accessories (Great, right?). 

Pros: Reasonable, Plenty of loops and room

Cons: No additional shoe storage space

Purchase link:

7) Eagle Creek Wayfinder Backpack 40L 

As the name of this gigantic one here, it’s a reasonably huge, one-bag travel backpack. Made from recycled plastic films (bravo!), makes it water-resistant and durable. The many pockets and internal organization renders a lot of room. It’s got smart travel features and is made from high-density foam which makes it pretty comfortable. 

One of the things that stood out for this bag is, it has an outer pocket with a drain at the bottom, where you can put all your wet clothes. Now that’s smart, isn’t it? 

Pros : Huge in size, Sharp internal organization, A wet cloth pocket

Cons :Heavy

Purchase link:

8) Bellroy Transit Backpack 28L

Now this one again made with a polyester which in return is made from recycled water bottles wins our hearts. This gives it a solid feel. It’s a very stylish looking, smart minimal travel bag that has a great overall aesthetic. It provides the much-needed compartment space, all thanks to the amazing internal organization. It offers great quality and durability and is very comfortable. 

One of the things we love about this travel bag is that it appears slim but stores a great amount of stuff nonetheless. 

Overall, an excellent minimal travel bag. 

Pros : Outstanding quality, Solid feel, Ample space

Cons : Side pocket not really at the right place

Purchase link:

9) Trakke Storr Carryon backpack

IT’S HANDMADE. So yayy. 

Now, this one right here is a great one bag travel backpack. It’s either small, not big, just the right size to stuff all your gears comfortably. The high-quality materials that it’s made from gives it a durability. The canvas is actually made from wax, so it’s not that heavy. And that gives it a very simple, classic look. Also makes it water-resistant. It’s got a really interesting aesthetic towards it. 

Overall, makes for a great choice. 

Pros : Classic look, Great quality, Not really heavy

Cons : Handles aren’t that comfortable to hold

Purchase link:

10) REI Ruckpack 40

This one’s a very stylish looking backpack that is more like a combination of a trail backpack and a travel backpack. 

It’s got a solid feel to it as it’s made from great quality nylon, which also makes it very strong. But along with the strength, it also provides it weight. The internal metal frame and thick straps make it a bit heavy to carry. But the good thing is, it comes in two sizes, one for men and one for women. So, you can as well choose your preference. It’s got a great compartment space and a hidden rain cover. 

Pros : Spacious, Excellent organization, Strong

Cons : Heavy

Purchase link:

Buyer’s Guide:

Capacity: The size of the backpack you need to buy depends upon how long your trips will run, what stuff are you gonna pack in it. 

Features: This will depend on what you’re buying the backpack for. The features and functions of the backpack will determine if the backpack serves your purpose or not.

Comfort: Comfort is undoubtedly the most important aspect of choosing a backpack. The backpack should also fit on your back. The right fit depends on your torso length. The backpack should grip itself on your hips for an easy backpacking experience. 

Durability: If you’re making an investment in buying a backpack, you should certainly opt for a more durable backpack. One that’s made from the great quality product so that it stays for a longer period of time. Also, in half of the cases, backpacks get better worn in overtime. 


There are a vast majority of backpacks available for each kind of backpack experience one might desire. And though, every backpack might not be the perfect choice for every person, there is at least one backpack that’ll serve your purpose efficiently. The ten backpacks we’ve mentioned are well tested over time and written through experience. So be smart with your choices and whichever backpack you put your finger on, we hope it’s the right one for you. 

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